“Who’s Lane is it Anyway?”

Stay in your own lane - Every Rapper   Tried and Tested: I've wondered why one restaurant could be completely packed, yet more people will swarm to it though there may be an empty establishment next to it? I used to think this was the case of the quality food, that was until I realized... Continue Reading →

“Relax….You’re Under Construction”

In this excerpt I dive into the mentality that is behind the phenomenon of impatience. I explore the reason why we will often times dedicate your entire lives to trying to fix others, yet will give ourselves limited time to develop. Learn how to trust your process, and grow at a healthy rate.

All Problems Look Smaller From A Distance

This is an article explaining how we often times view problems as much larger than they actually are, due to their close proximity. Then I dive into how you can take steps back from those issues and view them from a perspective that gives you leverage to take them on head first.

“The Power Give-Away “

  Have you ever wondered why criticism hurts so much more when it comes from somebody you are close. If a stranger were to comment on your "flaws", you might laugh it off, or flip them off depending on your personality; but when it comes from somebody you have a connect to, this small statement... Continue Reading →

“Are We There Yet? “

Are you taking the time to soak in your surroundings, or are you doing your best job at distracting yourself? Do you see growth as the journey, or is it merely just a destination?

Fill Your Cup First

    At first glance this header may come off as a self-centered, narcissistic, perpetuation of rugged individualism; and in all honestly your first assumption may actually be correct. Yes, this is a self-centered site, on a self centered blog, with a self centered intention. However, this is not the same ego driven self-centeredness that... Continue Reading →

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