Parent Progress

When I started on this course I was a minus minus minus – now I am a 6 – sometimes even a 7. The other day we had the first journey to school in which everyone got on well and didn’t scream at each other. It was fantastic!

Reflections of a Headteacher

‘I stood at the school gate after your training and saw it all. I saw children going through a personality change as they left our premises and it wasn’t just a few families. Something is off track in the adult-child relationship. We want to find a way to address this’

Feedback from a Teaching Assistant

Recent TA feedback: There has been such a change. He was totally shut down and not interacting. 1 year on he is playing with other children in the playground and even helping others out. I love working with him! Joined up home-school program for an adopted child aged 7yrs with questions regarding autism

Feedback from a Social Worker

I can see how without the right training or understanding it is easy as a carer or professional working with a complex child to start to feel very negative feelings. I used to work in residential care however I had no training, it left me feeling emotionally drained, stressed, like a failure. Sometimes my responses won’t have been great. My current concern is that many parents or professional carers are clearly still not getting the training they need to manage their own feelings and responses when caring for children or adults with complex needs.

Cathy B



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