“Who’s Lane is it Anyway?”

Stay in your own lane – Every Rapper


Tried and Tested:

I’ve wondered why one restaurant could be completely packed, yet more people will swarm to it though there may be an empty establishment next to it?

I used to think this was the case of the quality food, that was until I realized the fact that Chipotle tends to have more people in its facility than the local Taqueria that actually serves authentic Mexican food.

The question then resurfaced as, what is it about the fact that “everybody is doing it” that is so appealing?

Before the year 1954 there had never been a man on the surface of the planet to publicly run a mile in under 4 minutes. This was until a young olympian, who hailed from the United Kingdom, named Roger Bannister broke the world record for track and field.

Before Roger the world at large saw it as impossible to run a mile under 4 minutes; but since his feat there have been thousands of people to break the 4 minute mile barrier.

What occurred here was not some sort of overnight human evolution, but more so of a mental switch.

See once something is seen as possible it then becomes common place; it has officially been tried and tested.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am by not stretch of the imagination stating that everybody will or even can run a 4 minute mile today, but the idea of the tried and tested is something that just about everybody abides to.

Take College for example, there is no facet of College that has not been tried and tested. If you get good grades you WILL pass your classes, if you pass your classes you WILL graduate; the formula has never changed. If you woke up tomorrow and good grades meant failure to pass classes, I’m sure enrollment would go down drastically.

Though college itself has been tested, within its own regards, the purpose of College is extremely fluid. As most of us may know by now, good grades do not equal a good job or a happier life; College attendance does not alway’s mean success in the marketplace, because if it did Mark Cuban and Richard Branson would be out of work.

Yet a majority of us will look at what has been tested, and see it as the ultimatum of certainty; we will let our fear of the unknown lead us into familiarity, which ironically comes with its own unknowns.

Much like stepping into a fully occupied restaurant may not guarantee a great meal, following the crowd will not always lead you to the outcome that you expect; a destination of security.

Leap of, Wait….

The creation of this blog can be described a “leap of, wait”. I was always on the edge of diving into it, but was held back by my own fear of uncertainty. Though it may seem like the web is now saturated with blogs, the reality is that a very small percentage of people actually creating this content. Nobody around me was doing anything of the sort, so it seemed like a pathway that lead to nowhere; and just like the rest of the masses I stood there and waited.

I mean sure I would talk about getting into writing “one day” and “seeing myself as a writer”, but the reality of the situation was that my actions were not aligned with my desires.

I was standing in the middle of Rush Hour thinking that the direction I was heading in, the direction the rest of the crowd was marching towards, would at least lead to some type of satisfaction and certainty.

This is until I came to a realization that my conclusion could not have been farther from the truth; this enlightenment came right after reading the autobiography of MLK and Platos “The Republic”. It dawned on me that these were individuals who saw the crowd going one way, but felt a pull in the another direction. And instead of questioning themselves they questioned the status quo.

There is no idolized, or studied figure from the past who was just another person in the crowd; each of these people we still remember used their unique voices to impact their own era, and their influence stretched into the Modern world.

All of a sudden my own leap seemed like a baby step forward compared to an MLK who fought an entire system of injustice, and was killed in the name of his cause. Starting a blog post didn’t sound so bad after that.

The Empty RoadWay

Now, there is a logical reason that most will settle for the traffic that comes with the path most traveled, for it has a feel of certainty; and one will generally know what to expect and how to maneuver within it.

It does however come with everything else that is connected to the masses such as a low self-esteem, a lack of peace of mind, perpetual fear, and an overall dulness of life.

This does not mean that the congestion free pathway may not be one that has its own level of challenges and obstacles, but what can be promised is the fact that you will have a traffic free road to travel on. Sure there might not be anybody on your side confirming that you are heading the right way, nobody to told your hand, or share your excitement; but the fact that you are going your own way will always lead to a positive change, and this too has been tried and tested.

If Gandhi were alive today and you asked him if he knew where he was going to end up, I’m sure he would say that he had no idea whether what he was doing would eventually pay off let alone live to see the independence of his country

Rosa Parks could have just been another Black woman who feared the racist system she lived under, she could have just stayed on the same road. If she had not taken the road less traveled, the empty roadway, people who looked like myself may still be sitting in the back of that bus today; but she could not let the injustice continue, and neither can you.

Your own road may not be one that leads to a movement of millions, but it does not have to be so to make it just as impact. Maybe you want to run a local coffee shop, create your own handbags from scratch, open a foster home, create films that will impact those around you positivity, or perhaps you want to go into social work.

Whatever it is you want to do that is not congruent with the status quo, you must be brave enough to do; because if you do not take your own road, you will surely rob the world of a true gift.

Nutu’s Story 

There was a young girl named Nunu who was part of the Mantu village. The Mantu people were a warish people who only knew one answer to the problems around them, bloodshed.

Nutu was a very sweet and gentle child from her birth, which in her own village was looked at as a weakness. Whenever the other children where off being trained for combat Nutu would venture off into the wilderness, and mingle with the creatures of the forest. She would refuse to hunt the animal’s because she saw them as friends who needed human’s help; and this deeply upset her parent’s

They often asked her why she was so rebellious, but her only reply was the fact that she did not feel as if war would be the answer to the survival of her tribe. Regardless of the young girl’s insight, the Mantu people continued to approach every confrontation spear first.

Often the Mantu people came out victorious in battle, this was until the invasion from the largest tribe known as Gonkoti; the Gonkoti were known for their strategic genius which aided them in conquering the majority of the land in the Kati region.

The King of the Gonkoti was a rational man who sought out to speak with Mantu people and join forces with them, but  leader of the Mantu knew nothing of conversation for he was a man raised with a blade in his hand.

As the King of the Gonkoti people arrived in the small Mantu village he was met by spears, which lead his own personal legion of soldiers to draw their own weapons. Nutu watched this from a distance, as she feared for her people’s lives knowing the power of the Gonkoti. The king alerted his soldiers to drop their guard.

An arrow was shot amongst the Mantu people, and impaled the horse of the king. His immediate reaction was not one of wrath but sadness, for he had loved that horse as much as anything on earth. Even the Mantu people were surprised at the attacked, and fear fell upon them all for they knew that this was not an enemy to make.

As the Gonkoti king saw his horse bleed out his sadness soon turned to anger; and just as he called a command of slaughter Nutu yelled out that she could heal the horse. She ran up to the horse and wrapped his wounds with her garment, then she began to whisper to the horse as she took gravel and mixed it with water from a pail that she kept at her side.

Before long the horse was once again naying, and after a few hours of rest the horse was miraculously back on her fear. The king of the Gonkoti thanked the young girl, and told her that her kind heart spared her people from sure death that night. The Gonkoti king rode off with his men offering to take Nutu back with him as a healer for her people.

Nutu instead chose to stay with her own people. From that day forward the Mantu people began to see other way’s of life that did not involve violence first. Decades later the Mantu people became the most open tribe in the region; and were actually known for healing those who came to them. Nutu was look to for counsel and advice until her last day.

Even in the case of young Nutu where your entire society is trying to have you conform to one way of life, just know that the one thing that makes you different way be the same thing that will save those exact same people. Just asked Buddha or Christ.

Do not let the commotion around you overcast that call’s you to take your own road. Stay in your own lane

-Tinashe Hwande

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