The Adult-Child Well-Being ‘I Matter’ Framework

Solid Foundations for Positive Change 

From Confusion to Clarity At Home, at School and in the Community

When it comes to your children and young people, what is your biggest concern?   

I Matter Framework Training

We work with professionals and parents-carers and young people who are overwhelmed  but want to support positive change and healthier, happier outcomes and results in spite of many real challenges.  

We provide high quality training and coaching that helps you strengthen yourself in your own key role in bringing about more of the caring, informed and rewarding relationships that we all want.

The I Matter Framework started out as a project trying to understand the implications of a wide research literature relevant to improving outcomes for children.  The goal was to organise complex ideas into a practical integrated teachable whole, suitable for a wide range of starting points so as to create a shared language to support better decision making.

The I Matter Framework is now offered to those looking for new ways forward as a thought provoking high quality CPD accredited training which helps adults think deeply about well-being and relationships at school and at home as key to the change process.  This is a training designed for the most challenging times

The good news is that with discussion and teamwork its never too late to make a difference – in families, in schools and in our shared environment.

Starting with YOU and your role – we start with the local and think global!

What does the evidence say?   

The I Matter Framework clearly demonstrates that if we want to improve outcomes for children in education, mental health, physical health, and crime we need to shift our focus away from what is wrong with the child and towards:  i) recognising stress states, ii) adult-child relationship health, iii) community and partnership working and iv) support for the foundations of healthy social emotional development in all children AND adults.  These are not YET our priorities in our polices and practices.  So we want to see this change.

Through a community and skills building process – we help you to bridge ‘the missing link’

Helping Build Stronger Supportive Communities

Join in…

Professional CPD for Education and Health

Take part in a carefully structured I Matter learning journey.  The I Matter Framework offers you a big picture integrated understanding of the evidence base critical to outcomes for children and families

Join the I Matter Training Community

Join a supportive community of professionals who want to see a different approach to the way we care for children and families.  Get support to work with others in your locality over a longer term process.

Build Networks to Support Children and Families

Help build more supportive empowering networks for the children and families that you work with.  Discover I Matter and reflect on your own key experiences and on next steps forward.

If I had understood these ideas earlier I could have been a lot more effective!

Professional and Parent


About the I Matter Training Company

You became an education or health professional to be in the classroom or clinic doing what you love with children and famillies!    However, these days work with children and families brings many issues like:

  • Where do I go to ensure families and children get the help they need?
  • Where can I find the training I need, or that my team need?
  • How do we choose between different approaches?
  • What can we do ourselves in our community to make a difference?
  • Could I perhaps make a contribution?  What could I do?

I’m Cathy Betoin, the founder of the I Matter Framework Training Company, a Kendal based social enterprise.  I’m a Clinical Psychologist, an experienced primary teacher and a parent. As a company we work with schools and communities to help you train your staff, respond to the missing link and transform practices.

The training presents well established psychological theory and research evidence in a carefully designed structured training process, providing an engaging way of supporting a positive change process for children families and communities.

Get Started with the I Matter Framework: Explore why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, AND climate home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results


Our Feedback and Evidence of Impact

Helping ensure that key psychological research evidence is understood and implemented in everyday practice in schools and with children and family practice is what we are about.  We carefully gather a variety of forms of evidence.

Recent News and What’s Coming Up

There are lots of interesting things happening – here are just a taster.

Partners and Resources

We help professionals. parents and young people work together better and feel less stressed How? By helping them see things differently.

Remember, if you are too busy and too stressed to make time to learn about your key role, you will always be too busy and too stressed!

Thank you for your interest!

Dr Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent



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